Fozzer Wozzer Was A Bear Fozzer Wozzer had no hair (fozzer) wrote in woodrepublic,
Fozzer Wozzer Was A Bear Fozzer Wozzer had no hair

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the fozz gets a face

okay, here's how i'm gonna look in the republic. at least for now. :D

she's younger than me, but she's pretty. :D hehe.
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its watson.. since this board wont take my user name or something like that... lol!
this is my first time here *waves* *now doesnt really know what to say and stands there like a fool* *quickly holds up sign* "is legolas for sale?" well! *big sigh* that didnt work well did it mr. sam gamgee?! *looks at sam with a mouth full of food* *fidgits and squints and wait for fozzer and otto to arrive.. very boreing without anyone here except sam* "so sam.. hows life? oh i mean.. *does mushy voice* hows..!?" *sam just looks at me with like im an idiot* *looks at sam weird and sits there for the rest of the day waiting for fozz and otto to arrive.. sitting in the rain..*
Watson - lmfao at your talkings - hahahahahahaha

*SLOWLY... TAKES.... SAM.... AWAY... OK??....*


welcome :)